Cutting-edge, science-based products that are 100% water-based for Asian skins

A new world of
beauty and care

Come and experience a new world of beauty and care at our spa-like boutique in Mid Valley, you could almost feel a revitalising energy running through your spirits.

Privacy has always been one of the keys to the services we provide. Within this relaxed ambience, we invite you to come and discover a new dimension in personalised skincare service – the uniqueness of precision VL Skincare solutions and services to give you optimal benefits and maximum value.

  • Skin Regeneration
  • Delicate Skincare
  • Radiant Glow
  • Even Complexion
  • Lightened Freckles
  • Smoothed Out Wrinkles
  • Firmed-up Elasticity
  • Milia & Oil Seeds Extraction
  • Permanent Eyebrow Shaping
  • 3D Eyebrow Shaping
    (natural bamboo stick technique)
  • Waxing
  • Implant Lashes