Cutting-edge, science-based products that are 100% water-based for Asian skins

VL Skincare

Since 1995, VL Skincare has become one of Malaysia’s fastest growing brands with an extensive range of cutting-edge, sciencebased products that are 100% water-based for Asian skins.

VL Skincare’s success comes from the proven results of our customers. Our waterbased formulations, proven to be beneficial for Asian and problematic sensitive skins, are of pharmaceutical grade plant extracts from Europe and the USA and contain no harmful chemicals. With more than 1 million possible combinations, VL Skincare has precision formulas to suit all skin types.

To fulfill the evolution of market demands—science-based solution must be the new driver of VL Skincare’s next stage growth. To satisfy ever-changing, and ever-growing sophisticated demands, science-based solutions that are married to scientific understanding of the human skin must be the basis of all VL Skincare products.